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Supplementary Unit: Autumn Science

In Autumn Science, children explore the seasonal change from warmer to colder weather and the ways the changing weather affects plants and animals. During week-long investigations of Trees, Apples, and Pumpkins, children will:

  • Increase their content knowledge in a rich and coherent manner
  • Practice a variety of science skills such as asking and answering questions, comparing, categorizing, sorting, observing, and describing.
  • Practice a variety of literacy activities related to math and science as they create diagrams with labels, use journals to document growth and change, organize information they collect into graphs and charts, and then use these representations to make predictions or to draw conclusions. 

During the second month of school, some teachers mix the weekly lessons from Autumn Science and Learning to Measure to match the developmental needs and interests of their students. If you are living in many parts of the United States, the sights, sounds, and smells of autumn are all around on a daily basis. For children of this age at the beginning of the school year, this provides a natural basis for daily observations and conversations that encourage participation from everyone!

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Autumn Science<br>Monthly Lesson Plan
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