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Complete ScienceStart! Series
Complete ScienceStart! Series

Complete ScienceStart! Series

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ScienceStart!’s best selling product is the complete 10 month set of ScienceStart! Units. This compete set contains daily lesson plans that allow children to practice and master science process skills and to develop a rich and coherent knowledge base about the natural world. In addition, the lessons are designed to deliberately integrate the science topic with language and literacy activities, large and small motor activities, and center-based play.

In addition to this integration across domains, the lesson plans are also coherent, with each day’s lesson building on the previous day’s lesson and providing a foundation for the next day’s lesson.

The units are also arranged in a developmental sequence. During the first two months, as children are becoming familiar with the routines of the classroom, they learn about methods of inquiry, measurement, and representation. Over the course of the following months, they are introduced to increasingly complex concepts, work with more variables at a time, and take on investigations that span several days (for example, growing seeds under different conditions).

"The more children use language to exchange real information the more skilled they become."     Teacher 

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