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Preschool Curriculum, Lesson Plans and Activities

ScienceStart! offers research-based preschool Curriculum, Lesson Plans and Activities that use children's curiosity to support learning Language, Literacy, Mathematics and Science. The preschool curriculum addresses all domains of science, presented at a level appropriate for young children’s interest in exploring and learning about their everyday world. The curriculum is coherent, so that each day’s lesson builds on and reinforces the previous lesson and provides the foundation for the next lesson. The curriculum is integrated, in that the science content is explicitly related to activities in math, in language development, in literacy development, and during arts activities, outdoor play and center-based play.

ScienceStart! Preschool Curriculum:

  • Engages children in active exploration of the major topics of science in a developmentally appropriate way
  • Is designed in accordance with the most up-to-date research on young children’s learning and development
  • Meets Common Core Standards as well as standards published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, The National Council of Teachers of English, and most US States
  • Has been shown by research to be effective in promoting children’s development of
    • A rich knowledge base about the everyday world
    • Scientific reasoning skills
    • Vocabulary and conversational skills
    • Early literacy skills
ScienceStart! was developed at the University of Rochester with support from The National Science Foundation and The US Department of Education.       

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